K202 Fingerprint Control Board

K202 Fingerprint Control Board

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K202 is designed for low power consumption, the power supply is DC12V, the relay time can be adjusted by rotating the button, relay time: 0.5-13 seconds.
It is very easy to register fingerprint, just need to press SET button to register fingerprint and long press SET button to back to factory default.


·Fingerprint capacity: 120
·Power supply: DC12V
·Stand-by mode current: 15uA
·Output: Relay(Max. current:10A)
·Size: 64.4*25.4mm


1.SET Button:
Press SET button shortly,blue indicator light flash fast and system in register state, put the finger on fingerprint collection area, fingerprint register successful when hearing music. Fingerprint can be registered continuously when system in register state; if no need adding fingerprint more, waiting a few seconds.

2.Back to factory default:
Press SET button until hear “Di” long beep and music,means initialization operation successful.

3.Set Relay Time:
Rotate K2 to set the closing time of the relay from 0.5 to 13 seconds. The relay is contact output, switch signal, no voltage output.

Press the finger,the relay closes after the fingerprint passes, and the closing time is determined by K2.


1. All indicator lights are off in standby state, and the lights are on in working state;
2. Any fingerprint can be used in the factory state, but the function will be invalid after the fingerprint is registered.

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