G16 Fingerprint Password Cabinet Lock

G16 Fingerprint Password Cabinet Lock

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G16 fingerprint password cabinet lock use capacitive fingerprint sensor, you can use it with password and fingerprint. It can be used for cabinet on home,office,bank,gym and so on.


·Fingerprint capacity: 100

·Power supply: 4*AA battery

·Stand-by mode current: less than 25 uA

·Password Number: 10 sets

·Storage Temperature: -30°C~65 °C

·Working condition: -20°C~55 °C

·Humidity: RH10-92%


1.Register fingerprint:

Press shortly the SET button, and hearing the music, the blue panel indicator lightened; then press finger on fingerprint recognition area, fingerprint registered successful when hearing music. Fingerprint can be registered continuously, it can be registered 100 pieces fingerprints; When hear “DiDiDiDiDiDi”, it means the fingerprint library is full; Wait a few seconds to automatically exit the registration status.

2.Setup Password:

After fingerprint passed, press 【OK】new password【OK】new password【OK】,(after press【OK】,the bule light flashes means in edit mode), password registered successful when hearing music; it can set 10 sets of passwords, the password length: 3-8 bits (support Mask Function).

3.Use Password:

Start by touching [Touch Sensitive Area] with your finger,white light On, press [Password]【OK】

4.Delete Password:

After fingerprint passed, long press the【C】until hearing the music.

5.Factory Default:

Press SET button until hearing “Di—Di,DiDi” and the music, means fingerprints and passwords deleted successfully, and back to factory default. Any fingerprint can be used for the state of factory default, and this function disabled after fingerprint registered. 

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